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Mäihä is the first PEFC project-certified building in the Nordic countries

Posted 17/2/2016

Wooden apartment building Mäihä, due to be completed for the summer's 2016 Housing Fair in Seinäjoki, became the first PEFC project-certified building in the Nordic countries. 

Mäihä consists of cross-laminated timber modules. The PEFC certificate ensures that the wood used in Mäihä is legitimate and comes from sustainably managed forests. For more information, read PEFC-organisation's article First ever Nordic PEFC-certified building project  and the article of The Finnish Housing Fair Pohjoismaiden ensimmäinen PEFC – projektisertifiointikohde Seinäjoen Asuntomessuille.

Wooden apartment building Mäihä can be visited at The Housing Fair held between July 8th – August 7th, 2016 in the Pruukinranta area in Seinäjoki.