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Architects a-live finishes the design of a residential block in Uusikaupunki

Posted 30/4/2015

Architects a-live has been designing a residential block for Mältinkallio district in Uusikaupunki. The initial design of the residential block is ready on schedule.

The design task has consisted of analyzing the area and evaluating various options for the site. The design has been carried out in cooperation with Lakea Oy and the representatives of Uusikaupunki's city planning,  including city architect Leena Arvela-Hellén. The design has taken into account both the special features of the beautiful area and the site, as well as the possibility to build the residential block using wooden modules.


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Interactive housing design evening organized by Architects a-live members

Posted 10/3/2015

Real-time mobile polls pertaining to solutions of urban housing were carried out in the interactive housing design evening concerning Lakea's and TUT's ModuLakea project. 127 comments and ideas for improving residential construction cascaded in the comment box during the evening. The interactive housing design evening was related to the ModuLakea research project by the Tampere University of Technology and Lakea.

The interactive housing design evening that took place on Tuesday, the 10th of March, managed to establish dialogue between residents, developers, and the research organisation. Interactive housing design evening was organized by Architects a-live memebers Sini Kotilainen and Markku Hedman. An inclusive idea forge regarding the possibilities of urban living was organised on Tuesday evening at the Kokkola town hall, but the event could be attended virtually via the Internet from anywhere in the country or the world. 

Picture Päivi Karvinen.Picture Päivi Karvinen.

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