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The pre-marketing material of Mältinkallio's wooden apartment buildings is being prepared

Posted 15/11/2016

Commissioned by Rakennus Mire Oy, a-live team is currently designing a block of wooden apartment buildings which will be located in Mältinkallio area, Uusikaupunki. The design of the Mältinkallio's first buildings is well underway and the pre-marketing will begin in the near future.

The area of Mältinkallio, which is located on a central spot in Uusikaupunki, is currently a forestly hilltop. In 2015 Architects a-live implemented a preliminary design to the area. The city plan of the area was conducted on the basis of this preliminary study.  

The design of the first buildings of Mältinkallio is now in progress. The wooden apartment housing block designed by Architects a-live will preserve Mältinkallio’s most prized value, the gorgeous forest hilltop. The highlighted features of the apartments will be beautiful views towards the forest and over the city all the way to the Kaupunginlahti Bay.

 Picture: Architects a-livePicture: Architects a-live