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Report concerning CLT-framed modular building published in the Museum of Finnish Architecture

Posted 7/5/2015

The final report of the TUT's ModuLakea project was published in The Future of Housing –seminar on the 7th of May 2015 in the Museum of Finnish Architecture. The objective set for TUT'’s and Lakea Oy’s project ModuLakea has been developing the construction of CLT-framed timber modular apartment building.

Work done in ModuLakea project were presented on 7th of May 2015 in the Museum of Finnish Architecture in the seminar called The Future of Housing. The ModuLakea study consists of theoretical analysis as well as practical design and it has incorporated two case designs. During the seminar project’s final report Asukaslähtöinen puukerrostalokortteli tilaelementeistä (Resident-oriented modular timber framed housing block) was also published.

CLT-framed timber construction is currently one of the most interesting method of residential construction. It has possibilities to regenerate the Finnish apartment production significantly. The challenge is that a wide range of architects are not yet well familiar with the characteristics of the construction that affect also design. The report gathers information about CLT-framed timber construction. The aim of the ModuLakea study was to both determine necessary areas of development regarding modular timber framed building construction from the viewpoint of architectural and housing design; and to function as a resource for ideas and knowledge regarding the design of modular timber framed housing blocks.

For further information, check out Lakea’s article of the event: Asumisen tulevaisuutta tehdään nyt (The future of housing is implemented now.)

Picture: Lakea, Lakea,