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The first views of Mäihä Lusto are available!

Posted 19/5/2016

Mäihä Lusto, one of the apartments of the Lakea's Mäihä apartment building showcased at the Finnish Housing Fair in Seinäjoki Pruukinranta, is ready furnished for a senior adult couple. The interior design is created by the interior design office Mäkelä & Roos.

In Finnish, Mäihä means both 'luck' and the layer of a tree between the trunk and the bark. In addition, Lusto means the annual rings of a tree. Mäihä Lusto offers the warm atmosphere of wood. Mäkelä & Roos has built up the apartment's atmosphere by using mainly Finnish and especially Southern Ostrobothnian products. One of the apartment's special features is NaturVention's Naava, an active vertical garden that cleanses the indoor air naturally. For futher information, see the article written by designer's of Mäkelä & Roos.

In July, you are welcome to visit the apartment in Seinäjoki Housing Fair 2016 area, Pruukinranta!

Picture Leif Lindegren / ARCHITECTS A-LIVEPicture Leif Lindegren / ARCHITECTS A-LIVE